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How long should cleaning your home take?

The amount of time our maids spend in your home is based on a number of factors. The more regularly your house is cleaned, the less time each cleaning will take.

These estimates are based on our standard “Clean House” service.
Additional services or homes needing extra attention will require additional time.

1 Bedroom /1 Bath – 2 hours
2 Bedroom Apt/2 Bath –   3 hours
2 Bedroom House/1 Bath – 3 hours
3 Bedroom House/2 Bath – 4 hours
3 Bedroom House/3 Bath – 4~5 hours
4 Bedroom House/3 Bath – 5 – 6  hours
Our “Spring Cleaning” will significantly increase the time needed.
Frequent cleanings will take less time as our maids keep the house well maintained
Basements typically add 1-2 hours
Windows typically add 5-10 minutes per window

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